Le Gros Tube – Fanfare Funk

Le gros tube est une fanfare funk/jazz, pour la scène ou la rue…
Master brass-band since 2004″, Le Gros Tube does not miss an opportunity to ignite the streets, the scenes, the cafes and the festivals where it passes, making dance even the most shy people! Around a singer-flutist front man , this brass band with a high-flying’s groove the audience in original compositions mixing funk, jazz, reggae and afrobeat to the acoustic feeling. With more than 1000 concerts to his credit (in France and abroad: Germany, Great Britain, Morocco, Slovakia …) and 6 self-produced albums, the Gros Tube is a must-have brass band



Mathieu Paolini : Flute & Lead vocal Brice Perda : Soubaphone & back vocal Jérome Fouquet : trumpet Fred Vincent : Snare drum & back vocal Yan Cognet : Sax & back vocal Thomas Carpentier : Banjo & back vocal Olivier Proust : Trombonne & back vocal Nico Wurts : Bassdrum & back vocal Feat Daniel Beja – Electric Guitar on Each Time And on B.Beach (c) 2013, Recorded at Studio BO & Studio SurpriZ Prod & Mix : Yan Cognet&Fred Vincent All tracks by ‘Le gros tube’

: Traffic/2012 et PaskeYeah/2009